Terms & Conditions

Booking and Payment:
Reservations done through DAILYTOURSIDE.COM (İdealim Tur Ticaret Ltd. Şti.) constitute full knowledge and acceptance of all terms and conditions on issue of deposit or payment received by DAILYTOURSIDE.COM (İdealim Tur Ticaret Ltd. Şti.) towards a confirmed travel package or service.

Personal Travel Insurance :
DAILYTOURSIDE.COM (İdealim Tur Ticaret Ltd. Şti.)  provides no insurance for passengers due to loss on the trip herein. We advise travelers to obtain their own travel insurance for health or baggage loss. Insurance is also recommended to provide coverage if refunds pursuant to the final payment and cancellation clause below are unavailable because the terms of that clause.

Tip and Taxes:
Tips to guides, drivers, hotel staff etc. are not included in package costs and are at your own discretion. Additional taxes, security charges or any other fees collected by governments, airports, airlines and other entities are not included unless specifically listed as included features.

Payment Schedule:
A 30% booking deposit is required on confirmation to keep all services as reserved and confirmed. The final 70% balance to be paid on day of the tour in Side, Turkey. Credit cards are accepted, VISA, AMEX and MASTERCARD and PAYPALL.

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