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Some of the oldest, most venerable structures along the Turkish Riviera are waiting for you to explore. Join a private guide and set out from Antalya for an exclusive, personal experience that introduces you to the wealth of history that lies along the coast. Your first stop features a visit to Myra, a set of ruins near the town of Demre that date back to the ancient Lycians. You can see the ancient necropolis, with tombs carved out of the town's rocky bluffs and featuring fine reliefs on façades that have survived more than 2,000 years, as well as the grand, well-preserved Roman theater. In Demre, you can see the historic 6th-century St. Nicholas Church. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the church marks the burial place of the famed patron saint of children and bishop of Myra, whose reputation for gift-giving left him inextricably identified in the West with the story of Father Christmas. Next, venture into the Mediterranean to see the island of Kekova. The beautiful coastal bays along the northern shore feature the ruins of Simenia, an ancient settlement that was partially submerged by a 2nd-century earthquake, leaving an uninhabited island with relics scattered along the edge of the sea.
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